WELCOME to Women in Film and Media Colorado (WIFMCO)! Our organization is dedicated to the advancement of all women working in the film, television, multi-media, web and video game industries in Colorado. Through educational panels, networking events, a newsletter, contests and more, we hope to connect, empower, educate and support all female mediamakers and help to elevate the Colorado media industry overall. Our events are open to everyone, and membership in our organization is open to anyone who identifies as a woman who works in media in the state of Colorado.

We received 501c3 status in March of 2017, and are now an official chapter of Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI), the parent organization for all Women in Film chapters. This will connect our members with even more resources to advance their careers in the industry.

We look forward to meeting YOU at our next event. Please explore the website to learn more about our mission, the board, upcoming events, membership benefits and opportunities to get involved. WIFMCO can only be a success with your participation and enthusiasm, so we invite you to join us in making Colorado an amazing place for women mediamakers to work, live and create!

Upcoming Events


Below you’ll find a list of our upcoming events. Our events are open to everyone, although please check individual listings as some venues may be 18 or 21+. And these events don’t organize themselves, so if you are interested in getting even more involved, please contact our programming chair, Meryem Ersoz at: ersoz9557@gmail.com to volunteer to help out at one or more events.

If you have a female-owned business or venue, please contact us if you are interested in hosting an event! We are always looking for more ways to support women in our community.

LOL With WIFMCO! Thursday June 22nd

Women in Comedy Panel and Networking Event. “It’s harder to make someone laugh than it is to make them cry.” Join us for a jocular evening with local ladies of hilariousness. These bards and thespians will have you laughing until you cry and give you some insight into the serious business of comedy for stage and screen. FREE to WIFMCO members. $10 Non-Members at the door.

Syntax Physic Opera
554 S Broadway Denver CO
6:30 p.m- 9:00 p.m
Street parking

RSVP and Details: HERE

Pre-Production Education Event

How to Conduct a Professional Table Read: Staged Reading of Feature Film!

Sunday July 16th 1p.m- 5p.m

1101 W Mineral Ave Littleton CO

How to Conduct a Professional Table Read:

WIFMCO is very excited to continue its Development Program, which offers opportunities for filmmakers to evolve and produce their stories. Pam Nelson, winner of our 1st Annual Screenwriting Contest, will have her script, Frog Days, presented at a  professionally-staged Table Read on May 18th. This exclusive look at one of filmmakers’ most important tools is open to WIFMCO members and the public.

Why Table Reads:

  • Writers can see and hear their works read by pros, which helps them know what’s working and what’s not — and how to revise.
  •  Audiences are a part of the creative process by giving constructive criticism — and filmmakers can see how an audience responds to their story.
  • Filmmakers can use Table Reads to connect in a powerful way with producers and financiers. A Table Read is a “Proof of Concept” and help you move forward in the development process!

Join us July 16th and learn how to run your own Table Read and, for attending audience members only: sign up for this new Development Program service, available for all WIFMCO members!

1101 W Mineral Ave. Littleton, CO 80120
Coffee and Pastries will be provided
$10 Non members

Come early to network with other local writers and producers!

Watch as local actors take on a  delightful staged reading. We are so happy to have an incredible array of local actors willing to support film, writers, WIFMCO and more. We hope you will come meet these talented individuals.

(Pictured Left to Right starting top left)

Deborah Walker- Older Annie
Keonia Williams- Younger Annie
Laura Presley-Reynolds- Older Edith
Bridget Reynolds- Younger Edith
Kenton Kennedy- Jeremy
Sarah Del Rio- Young Emily
Reed Haymons- Arnold, Melvin, Student
Rachel Nicole Mather- Fight Attendant

Skip Francoeur- Docteur, Gene
Kathi Baerns Emily older/ shop owner
Darla Rae- Mrs. Walters/ Dean
Emma Murphy- Agnes
Rob M. Burris- Monsieur Poilblanc/ Bartender
Joi Hiatt- Madame Poilblanc
Sue Ann Staake- Psychologist

Member Spotlight

Natalie Ganey

Triple Threat Productions LLC

Natalie Ganey
Triple Threat Productions

     Natalie Ganey is the co-founder of an independent film production company, Triple Threat Productions.  TTP is based in Colorado and has filmed three short films in the past five years that have garnered a number of nominations at film festivals, nationally and internationally. Natalie writes and produces for the company as one in a set of triplets, with her brothers, operating as an actor/producer and director. These three short films have all been shot in Los Angeles, where Natalie lives. But as Natalie is looking to make her directorial debut with her and her production company’s first feature film, she is turning to her home state of Colorado. With plans to begin filming of the feature in the next year.

So to launch the fundraising effort for the film she is putting on a fundraiser on June 9th not only to begin the process of obtaining financing for the film but to also celebrate the filmmaking community in Colorado. All WIFMCO Members are invited.  Friday June 9th 6p.m at Larimer Social in Larimer Square.

June 9th Colorado Feature Film Fundraiser

Q: How did you get started in the entertainment business and what has your path been like?

 A:  Ever since I was a kid I’ve been passionate about film. Me and my triplet brothers would make home movies and did so well through high school. Then I went off to California to college and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree majoring in Screenwriting and minoring in Film Studies. It was around this time that my brothers and I formed our production company, Triple Threat Productions; all of us found we filled the roles required to create work on our own, with me operating as the writer, one brother as the actor, and the other as the director. We had all gone to school and gotten an education in these fields and felt the need to author our own work, much like we had done when we were kids. The same desire applies to me now – to not wait for others to tell the good stories. Since graduating college in 2013 I’ve continued to live in Los Angeles and build crew and associates for Triple Threat Productions while writing and producing short films for the company as well as pursuing a career in television writing. Now as our production company is looking to produce our first feature film I am turning to Colorado.

Q: What drew you to Colorado and what do you think the market here has to offer that larger markets don’t?

 A: Having been born and raised in Colorado I have always had a deep love for the state. Now as other cities outside of Los Angeles, such as Atlanta and Vancouver, are becoming major hubs for filmmaking there is a great opportunity to do the same for Denver and Colorado – for the narrative film. There already is an awesome production basis within the state in concerns to commercial and reality programming; and there is a great number of art/film students and freelancers who call the state home. It’s no secret that in the last years Denver, and Colorado as a whole, has grown, with Colorado ranking among the top states for economic growth at the end of 2016. I see an opportunity to use this growth and employ a narrative film-making community to further stimulate the state’s economy. Colorado has so much to offer as a landscape for narrative film, from beautiful wildlife and nature environments to thriving urban streets and so much in between. I tend to look at the world through a filmmaker’s eye and often spot a plethora of places in Colorado that could serve as a fresh environment for film stories. The best part is, Colorado is an untapped market. Colorado can provide something new and fresh that other filmmaking states and cities can’t; now you can hardly watch something on television and not spot Vancouver as the backdrop. Vancouver is only one indicator of just how much a city can thrive once it embraces the opportunity to promote film-making. As both a writer and a filmmaker I strive to ensure every story told will be new, fresh, and innovative and I believe there is no better place that offers the capability to tell such stories than Colorado. And, most importantly, there are many other artists here that want the exact same thing.

For a complete profile on Natalie please visit her website: