WELCOME to Women in Film and Media Colorado (WIFMCO)! Our organization is dedicated to the advancement of all women working in the film, television, multi-media, web and video game industries in Colorado. Through educational panels, networking events, a newsletter, contests and more, we hope to connect, empower, educate and support all female media makers and help to elevate the Colorado media industry overall.

Our events are open to everyone.  Membership in our organization is open to anyone who identifies as a woman who works in media in the state of Colorado and men in Colorado who support the advancement of women as media makers.

We received 501c3 status in March of 2017, and are now an official chapter of Women in Film and Television International (WIFTI), the parent organization for all Women in Film chapters. This will connect our members with even more resources to advance their careers in the industry.

We look forward to meeting YOU at our next event. Please explore the website to learn more about our mission, the board, upcoming events, membership benefits and opportunities to get involved. WIFMCO can only be a success with your participation and enthusiasm, so we invite you to join us in making Colorado an amazing place for women mediamakers to work, live and create!

Phone:  (720) 778-1738                     Email: Info@WIFMCO.org

Upcoming Events


Below you’ll find a list of our upcoming events. Our events are open to everyone, although please check individual listings as some venues may be 18 or 21+. And these events don’t organize themselves, so if you are interested in getting even more involved, please contact our programming chair, Nancy Snyder at: nansea.snyder@gmail.com  to volunteer to help out at one or more events.

If you have a female-owned business or venue, please contact us if you are interested in hosting an event! We are always looking for more ways to support women in our community.

Media Mash Up NEW Writing Contest!

Opens March 1st 2018!

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Member Spotlight

Kathryn Gould

Founding President of WIFMCO

2018 WIFMCO Vice- President

Actress/ Writer/ Producer

Q: What is your field of focus?
A: Mainly screenwriting now, but I’m also an actor and moving into producing.

Q: Tell us about your journey thus far in your career? Did you study? If so, where or are you still in school?
A: Writing and acting have been something that I’ve done since childhood, and “being a movie star” was my childhood dream. When I went to college at Stanford, intending to major in drama and communications, I found myself moving from being the “star” of my tiny little high school (20 people in my graduating class!) to being a tiny little fish in a giant pond of very talented fish. Admittedly, I let the doubters and realists get to me, and I changed my major to English and Psychology and decided to work with children. I went so far as to get a Master’s Degree in Family and Child Studies and tried to find work as a parent educator. But by the time I got married and moved to Colorado in 1999, I realized how much I missed the art that had always been so much a part of my life and my dreams, and I began working in community theatre. Once I had kids, I realized that film and commercial work would give me a little easier schedule—a day or a weekend instead of 6 weeks of rehearsals and 3 or 4 weekends of performances—and started looking into getting an agent. I eventually found Peter DeAnello at Big Fish and was thrilled to see that he also taught a course called “Write to Act”, in which actors wrote material for themselves. I had always loved writing but had never really married the two art forms. After many workshops and performances and some award-winning short plays, I had fallen in love with writing as much as acting, and still being a full-time mom, I realized that the flexibility of writing would work really well in my life. I read multiple screenwriting books, tons of screenplays, and started working on features. Around 2008 I met Haylar Garcia and Jim Brennan, and they eventually became my writing partners.

Q: What was your inspiration to get into this industry? Do you have any mentors you want to mention?
A: My initial inspiration was probably Star Wars, and sci-fi and fantasy remain two of my favorite genres to this day. Peter and Haylar have been my two primary mentors.

Q: Tell us about your favorite project you’ve worked on? Any takeaways?
A: I usually say that my favorite project is the one I’m working on right now, and that’s definitely true at the moment, as I’m adapting a fairy tale and it’s really fun. But as for favorite projects of the past, my award-winning short film “Web of Lies” will always have a special place in my heart. We won numerous awards, including one in New York, where we not only won best short script but were also nominated for best screenplay overall. That recognition was the moment that cemented for me that I was on the right path in my career, doing what I was made to do.

Q: Any projects coming up?
A: First off I have to plug Apartment 212, a film I co-wrote with Jim and Haylar, which we filmed right here in Colorado in 2016, directed and edited by Haylar, and which will be released on March 16th in ten cities nationwide as well as on demand. Here in Denver, it will show at the Sie Film Center, home of the Denver Film Society. I already mentioned the fairy tale adaptation—fingers crossed that will go out to agents in the next few weeks. I also have a script that I wrote for a German commercial director who’s making his feature debut, and that is in packaging at UTA. A script that I co-wrote with Haylar is currently in the final stages of a rewrite and about to go out for funding with an award-winning Colorado-based director. And then Jim, Haylar and I have another project that we are writing with Apartment 212 producer Betsy Leighton that we are trying to put together financing for to film here in Colorado soon.

Q: What are your hopes for the film, television, and media scene in Colorado?
A: I would love to see Colorado get as big as New Mexico or Atlanta, but that’s really hard to do with our strange political make-up and the state constitution. I’m really hopeful that Don Levy’s Redbarre project will bring the regular work to Colorado that we need to really build a skilled and professional base of talent and crew here. In the meantime, I travel to LA several times a year and will probably have to keep doing that for most of my career.

Q: Any advice/wisdom to fellow actors, filmmakers, writers etc?
A: Really be clear on why you want to be in this business. It’s really hard work and very unreliable even if you work regularly. You can make head roads and get where you want to go if you are dedicated, humble and always looking to improve yourself. The people who get stuck are the ones who believe they already know it all and have nothing left to learn. People with that mindset are afraid to try anything new or take a chance because it might show others that they actually don’t know everything. While you don’t want to listen to the doubters and naysayers, be sure you don’t confuse those people with the ones who actually give constructive criticism and have something to teach you. Learn to take criticism and actually grow from it, as you will never be in a place in your career where you won’t be criticized. Getting over your ego and just focusing on the work will serve you really well.

Check out Apartment 212- formerly Gnaw: https://www.facebook.com/apartment212movie/