Professional Mentorship

WIFMCO believes in educating our members in as many capacities as possible. We believe in mentoring, learning-on-the-job, and providing opportunities for those who prove themselves worthy.

In 2019, WIFMCO will coordinate invaluable person-to-person mentorships for three of our members. Any industry-related profession is eligible – we will work with you to find the right person to mentor you.

Each mentorship will be designed to best benefit our member, running a maximum of 6 months, and involving a to-be-determined number of meetings, program design, and educational milestones. For example, a cinematography / UPM / sound candidate might work with her mentor as an assistant on a feature shoot or on multiple commercial shoots, and be a part of the pre-production, budgeting, equipment rental, crew hiring and production components.  A screenwriting candidate might submit a completed screenplay for notes, and then spend her mentorship embarking on a revisions-and-notes process that could culminate in submission to agents.

To apply for a mentorship, please do the following:

Write a 1 –page single-spaced essay about who you are, what your participation in media-making is, your goals for your careers, and why a mentorship would be beneficial to you, what an ideal mentorship would look like, and if you have anyone in mind you’d like to work with.

Email to: with the Subject Line:  MENTORSHIP APPLICATION

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